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Parking Lesson Leaflets

Provide those with poor parking skills the guidance they need using Parking Lesson Leaflets.

Kawk Rings by Tad 2

Our newest batch of rooster rings ensure quality enhancement to help keep you on top!

Kawk Rings by Tad

The quality, performance, and longevity of our rooster rings can't be beat!

I Literally Just Broke Up With English

I'm comfortable saying that I figuratively just broke up with English.

Anal Beads are for Fat, Lazy, Stupid People

It's become a startling fact that people these days are too lazy to regard sex with even the slightest bit of effort.

Howdy There, Shitty Neighbor!

To commemorate their eternal inconsideration and ineptitude to consequence, we salute our shitty neighbors.

Men of Other Integrities

Your bumper sticker tells me how you feel about your wife. Impressive. But what else can you do?

Meet Your YouTube Commenters

Now that your video has been featured on the main page, let's meet your YouTube commenters.

Poor Service Restaurant Tip Cards

Poor service? Forget leaving a cash tip. Simply leave one of these "tips" instead.

15 Assholes Who Shouldn’t Be Driving

A compilation of assholes who should not have been issued a driver's license.

Drive-By Road Rage Signs

Help offending drivers take the guess work out of your vehicular discontentment.

Bill O’Reilly: “I’m a ‘tits’ man.”

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly fires back at sexual harassment allegations at a press conference.

MPAA Issues Licenses to Kill

Soon, sneaky cinema-goers have to ask themselves a new question: Do they feel lucky?

Displaced Rainforest Animals Enjoy Basking in the Sun

Less than a century ago, exotic plants and animals struggled for survival in dense rainforests. Now, scientists can learn so much from creatures once off-limits to the world.

Teen Isn’t “TKed” in Online Game for 8 Minutes

Daryl was not team-killed for a record 8 minutes, something experts say is an amazingly rare feat.

Samurai in September

There's something alluring and noble about the samurai.