Not So Frequently Asked Questions

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What browser requirements are necessary to use Mental Discharge?

Mental Discharge requires a modern browser capable of HTML5 and CSS3 support. It also requires the ability to use cookies and Javascript. It's 2014. You'll live.

What is an entourage?

An entourage is Mental Discharge's system of friends. We don't call it friends like a social network does since you will most likely never meet these people. If it really came down to having them help you move, they totally wouldn't.

Joining an entourage adds indicators throughout the site of activity by those you're following. If you like what they like and constantly nod and giggle at what they say, it'll makes it that much easier to keep track of them, weirdo.

What are achievements?

Achievements are unlockable recognition awards for participating in various aspects of the Mental Discharge community. To view the complete list of achievements and how to unlock them, click here.

I haven't received my activation link. What gives?

If you haven't received an e-mail from Mental Discharge with your activation link, the e-mail may have been caught by spam protection or junk filters. Check your spam or junk folder for the e-mail. Mental Discharge will never send you unauthorized e-mails or spam. If you still have not received the e-mail, please contact us to send you another one.

What type of posting material and language is acceptable?

You are welcome to post your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on the subject at hand. Although we appreciate boobies and you might totally be into wee-wees, posting straight-up pornography is not allowed. Likewise, as a member of the Mental Discharge community, general disrespect, spamming, and bush-league trolling are not welcome behaviors.

Such behavior is subject to account termination. This includes:

  • Advertising a Web site or spamming a product or service. You are more than welcome to advertise your site in your profile, but if you have nothing to contribute to the community other than your corner of the Internet, you're more than welcome to pay us for advertising it.
  • Pointless comments or posts as a means to acquire community achievements.
  • Composing messages for the sole purpose of insulting another member or administrator. Arguments, disagreements, and varying points of view are understandable, but intentionally trying to offend another member is unacceptable.
Do I have Freedom of Speech rights here?

Freedom of Speech is a United States constitutional protection guaranteeing that the government will not oppress your political speech. So, no.

What software does Mental Discharge run on?

Mental Discharge runs on its own custom-built shiznit.