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Articles by Biff Yeager

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REUTERS/Lisa Miller

Bill O’Reilly Defends Himself: “I’m a ‘tits’ man.”

10.14.2004 By Biff Yeager

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly fires back at sexual harassment allegations at a press conference.

MPAA Issues Licenses to Kill

06.19.2004 By Biff Yeager

Soon, sneaky cinema-goers have to ask themselves a new question: Do they feel lucky?

Displaced Rainforest Animals Enjoy Basking in the Sun

10.04.2003 By Biff Yeager

Less than a century ago, exotic plants and animals struggled for survival in dense rainforests. Now, scientists can learn so much from creatures once off-limits to the world.

Samurai in September

09.11.2003 By Biff Yeager

The noble samurai never gets a moment of rest. We salute their hard work by exposing the coolest movies in the genre.

CockBlocker™ Revolutionizes Online Dating

07.10.2003 By Biff Yeager

CockBlocker™ cuts through the artifice, getting the real story on Mr. Right.

My New Robot Can’t Fucking Kill Anybody

06.20.2003 By Biff Yeager

Disappointment looms over the inability of AIBO to hunt manflesh.

China Disney Celebrates Grand Opening

06.18.2003 By Biff Yeager

Mass looting and riots erupted Tuesday in what Chinese officials call their most successful, and only, Western theme park opening ever.

Weekly World News Reporter Resigns Amid Scandal

06.07.2003 By Biff Yeager

Another rising star of the journalistic community fell unexpectedly.


Iraqi Information Minister Has “Super Powers”

06.07.2003 By Biff Yeager

Peacekeeping forces in Iraq may have to contend with an unlikely weapon of mass destruction.

Antonio Rosario

The 411 on Nigeria 419

10.21.2002 By Biff Yeager

If you can't trust an alleged Nigerian government official, who can you trust?


Thanks for Nothing, Rigas!

08.21.2002 By Biff Yeager

Hey, Rigas! That pitiful 6 a.m. perp walk from your New York high rise drove the Dow up 489 points.

Unsecured Insecurities

05.29.2002 By Biff Yeager

A better understanding of Tom Ridge's rainbow terrorism rating game.

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