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CockBlocker™ Revolutionizes Online Dating

07.10.2003 By Biff Yeager

CockBlocker™ cuts through the artifice, getting the real story on Mr. Right.

Antonio Rosario

The 411 on Nigeria 419

10.21.2002 By Biff Yeager

If you can't trust an alleged Nigerian government official, who can you trust?


The Official Guide to IRC L4m0rs

03.31.2002 By Chris Bergenfield

Strap on your lame-proof goggles and prepare to dive into the Mental Discharge l4m0rdex.


My New Robot Can’t Fucking Kill Anybody

06.20.2003 By Biff Yeager

Disappointment looms over the inability of AIBO to hunt manflesh.


Meet Your YouTube Commenters

02.03.2009 By Marcus Caughcus

Now that your video has been featured on the main page, let's meet your YouTube commenters.


Thanks for Ruining Jennifer Lawrence, Mr. iCloud Hacker Guy

09.06.2014 By Steven Cleamer

Jennifer Lawrence and her fellow celebrities aren't the only victims of this devastating attack on privacy.

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