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11 months ago
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A smart person would simply download a freebee forum software package or pony up some cash for a paid version, but here at MD, I do things the hard way: I built one entirely from scratch. Well, most of it anyway. While the forum itself is hand-coded deliciousness, I'm still using CKEditor for the text editor with a BBCode plugin. I've tried to tweak how it works with certain tags and it ain't happy about it, so some elements are broken.

Likewise, I've modeled some of this from forum software I've liked over the years, such as vBulletin and XenForo. That being said, this isn't nearly as feature rich as either of those, but at least you can post stuff. Plus, post counts, reputation scores, and MD achievements are all tied into it. It's almost as integrated as your elderly folks moving back in with you.

So, feel free to mess around, post things, test out features, and let me know what you think in this thread. This post will serve as a general list of known bugs, newly discovered issues, features I'm looking to work on, and other development commentary.


  • CKEditor's BBCode plugin does some weird shit with linebreaks and lists. It'll delete a linebreak after a paragraph or block element before the start of a ul or ol unless you hit the enter key a couple of times to make it stick. Likewise, the plugin originally used a bracket-encased asterisk to define list items with no closing tag. I tweaked this to actually use an open and closing li tag, but doing it this way now breaks ordered list functionality. CKEditor is a fantastic WYSIWYG editor, but it's BBCode support is less than stellar. However, I haven't found anything else that works as well and is as flexible with customizations yet.

  • Post content, edits, or replies that are pasted into an editor and submitted will sometimes reappear when clicking back in the browser history.

  • The site's PHP BBCode parser is currently trash; rudimentary at best. I'm still working on it.

  • The linkage to go to the newest post of an existing forum doesn't get the correct timestamp sometimes and will anchor you to one slightly older.

  • The spoiler tag button exists, but the site doesn't parse it just yet. The icon needs to be replaced, too.

  • There are no font styles or color tags here. Styles copied from sources such as Word or other sites get stripped and are pasted as plain text. I'm trying to figure out a way to allow minimal styling, such as bold, italic, links, etc. to come through, but the goal here is to avoid all the added garbage code that typically comes with a paste.

  • Dicking around with unclosed tags in the editor won't fly with the site itself, but when it returns you to the editor to correct the mistake, CKEditor will eat shit.

  • Creating a new thread will notify those in your entourage, but general replies won't. However, quoting other users in a reply will notify that user.

  • Post edits that add a new user ID reference won't result in a notification reply to that user. This isn't a bug so much as simply something that isn't checked and I may keep it this way.

  • Images, YouTube embeds, and quotes don't appear parsed in the editor by design; they remain as BBCodes. This is to keep it easy to manage, especially on mobile devices.

  • Default spellchecking in browsers is enabled here, but right-mouse clicking shows a "paste" option menu I need to remove.

  • Old, ancient threads from previous versions of MD may still lurk about, but are closed for now.

  • You can do a general forum search from the main navigation menu's search field as long as you remain in the Discussions section. For now, it just searches content in posts and not thread titles.

  • Creating a new thread or posting a reply will give logged-in users the "Noodle-Armed Soy Boy" achievement. Get it? Because you're beta testing! I'll see myself out.

  • Hidden/private forums are supported and I believe I've knocked out bugs with entourage notifications and other functions not working if you don't have access. I have one created, so let me know if you want access.


  • You can search for posts by user, but I don't have a link to that yet. Right now, user profiles are primarily focused on article comments, but forum activity will eventually be there in some form.

  • I'm working on adding cancel buttons to the AJAX-based editors (edits, inline replies, new threads).

  • Most forum admin tools work, but threads can't be moved to other forums yet.

  • I'm still toying with design ideas for breadcrumb paths somewhere at the top of the site to make it easier to bounce around the forums. Right now, the page section name is clickable and will go back.

  • The comments section of the site will automatically scroll to a comment referenced in a reply if it's on the same page instead of executing a full blown link to get to it. I need to add that functionality here.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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