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Harness the Power of MD Advertising to Expose Yourself

Mental Discharge offers advertising to promote and drive traffic to your site. You can select a specific section or article to place your ad, as well as specify which physical location on our pages you'd like them to appear. There are up to three areas per page an ad can be placed. You can buy a full month of Mental Discharge advertising for $5.00 per area. That includes our nifty design work in creating you a customized advertisement, if necessary. There are no limitations to your exposure, no additional fees, no crap. $5.00 gets your ad in rotation.

This program is still in its most infant stages. As traffic to Mental Discharge grows, prices and availability of advertising may change. All participating members of long-term advertising campaigns with Mental Discharge will be notified immediately before we make alterations to our advertising program.

Mental Discharge offers two 728x90 ad spots located on the top and bottom of every area of the site and 300x250 ads sprinkled inside articles and throughout internal site sections. Ads cannot produce noise, attempt to display or overlay content outside of their location, or use scripting methods to produce pop-ups or pop-unders. Ads can be text, animated GIFs, or JPEGs. Ads can feature non-invasive stylesheets for whatever nifty effects or features are necessary.

In order to better promote your site or service, we may require that we design your advertisement to conform to our layout and style. This makes your ad not only look more professional, but gives it a promotional feel on the behalf of Mental Discharge. Since our advertising service only accepts certain sites and services, we'll work with you to design and create an advertisement that best features you.

Interested? Shoot us an e-mail at for more details.

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