Mental Discharge
#1 (26%)

I Think MSNBC Has Turned Me Into a Super Gay Racist

3 hours ago By Steven Cleamer

The constant badgering about how horrible I am for simply existing has finally made me change my ways.

#2 (10%)

Men of Other Integrities

02.18.2009 By Steven Cleamer

You can enjoy the exact same self-appreciation for mediocrity, but you don't have to be married to enjoy it.

#3 (8%)

Teach Proper Parking with Parking Lesson Leaflets

07.18.2009 By Steven Cleamer

Provide those with poor parking skills the guidance they need using Parking Lesson Leaflets.

#4 (6%)

Howdy There, Shitty Neighbor!

06.19.2009 By Steven Cleamer

Here are some of our favorite neighbors and the wonderful experiences we've not had the pleasure to be a part of.

#5 (6%)

The Curious Case of Ingesting Ivermectin

2 months ago By Steven Cleamer

Ivermectin may only familiarize patients with aisle nine at Tractor Supply, but no kidney stone should be left unturned.

#6 (6%)

Kawk Rings by Tad

12.20.2010 By Thaddius Trickler

The quality, performance, and longevity of our rooster rings can't be beat!

#7 (5%)

Meet Your YouTube Commenters

02.03.2009 By Marcus Caughcus

Now that your video has been featured on the main page, let's meet your YouTube commenters.

#8 (4%)

Anal Beads are for Fat, Lazy, Stupid People

12.05.2010 By Wang Dong

It's become a startling fact that people these days are too lazy to regard sex with even the slightest bit of effort.

#9 (3%)

Teach Better Driving with Drive-By Road Rage Signs

05.11.2005 By Steven Cleamer

Help offending drivers take the guess work out of your vehicular discontent without having to brandish a firearm or baseball bat.

#10 (2%)

The Concord Research Group Racism Measurement Test

8 months ago By Steven Cleamer

Take our specifically formulated and carefully constructed test that analyzes, scores, and rates your level of racism.

#11 (2%)

Thanks for Ruining Jennifer Lawrence, Mr. iCloud Hacker Guy

09.06.2014 By Steven Cleamer

Jennifer Lawrence and her fellow celebrities aren't the only victims of this devastating attack on privacy.

#12 (2%)

The New Mental Discharge Has Arrived for Some Reason

8 months ago By Steven Cleamer

After a long hiatus, a bout of lockdowns, a ton of hysteria, and a tiny burning sensation, Mental Discharge is back to give running a web site one more go.

#13 (2%)

China Disney Celebrates Grand Opening

06.18.2003 By Biff Yeager

Mass looting and riots erupted Tuesday in what Chinese officials call their most successful, and only, Western theme park opening ever.

#14 (2%)
Antonio Rosario

The 411 on Nigeria 419

10.21.2002 By Biff Yeager

If you can't trust an alleged Nigerian government official, who can you trust?

#15 (2%)

Unsecured Insecurities

05.29.2002 By Biff Yeager

A better understanding of Tom Ridge's rainbow terrorism rating game.

#16 (2%)

Kawk Rings by Tad 2

08.18.2013 By Thaddius Trickler

Our product engineers have painstakingly crafted a whole new series in our elongated line of famous jewelry for your jewels.

#17 (1%)

Six Silly Sanctimonies of Censorship

10.21.2009 By Steven Cleamer

Poorly executed attempts at censorship that only serve to promote the continued ignorance of society.

#18 (1%)

My New Robot Can’t Fucking Kill Anybody

06.20.2003 By Biff Yeager

Disappointment looms over the inability of AIBO to hunt manflesh.

#19 (1%)

Samurai in September

09.11.2003 By Biff Yeager

The noble samurai never gets a moment of rest. We salute their hard work by exposing the coolest movies in the genre.

#20 (1%)

Displaced Rainforest Animals Enjoy Basking in the Sun

10.04.2003 By Biff Yeager

Less than a century ago, exotic plants and animals struggled for survival in dense rainforests. Now, scientists can learn so much from creatures once off-limits to the world.

#21 (1%)

J.J. Abrams Killed the Star Trek Franchise

2 months ago By Steven Cleamer

The 55th anniversary of Star Trek is a bittersweet reminder of a science fiction saga that once expertly challenged moral, political, and philosophical dilemmas.

#22 (1%)

Teen Isn’t “TKed” in Online Game for 8 Minutes

10.04.2003 By Steven Cleamer

Daryl was not team-killed for a record 8 minutes, something experts say is an amazingly rare feat.

#23 (1%)

CockBlocker™ Revolutionizes Online Dating

07.10.2003 By Biff Yeager

CockBlocker™ cuts through the artifice, getting the real story on Mr. Right.

#24 (1%)

MPAA Issues Licenses to Kill

06.19.2004 By Biff Yeager

Soon, sneaky cinema-goers have to ask themselves a new question: Do they feel lucky?

#25 (1%)

The Official Guide to IRC L4m0rs

03.31.2002 By Chris Bergenfield

Strap on your lame-proof goggles and prepare to dive into the Mental Discharge l4m0rdex.

#26 (1%)
REUTERS/Lisa Miller

Bill O’Reilly Defends Himself: “I’m a ‘tits’ man.”

10.14.2004 By Biff Yeager

Fox News's Bill O'Reilly fires back at sexual harassment allegations at a press conference.

#27 (1%)

Iraqi Information Minister Has “Super Powers”

06.07.2003 By Biff Yeager

Peacekeeping forces in Iraq may have to contend with an unlikely weapon of mass destruction.

#28 (0%)

Weekly World News Reporter Resigns Amid Scandal

06.07.2003 By Biff Yeager

Another rising star of the journalistic community fell unexpectedly.

#29 (0%)

Thanks for Nothing, Rigas!

08.21.2002 By Biff Yeager

Hey, Rigas! That pitiful 6 a.m. perp walk from your New York high rise drove the Dow up 489 points.

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