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Terms of Use

Mental Discharge
Terms of Use Agreement
Last Modified: 01.01.23

By using this site, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the following terms, rules, and regulations defined herein. If you do not agree with any policy set forth by Mental Discharge, you are invited to not view, use, or access this site.

Access and Use

All materials contained in this site are protected by international copyright laws and must only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. This means that you may only view or download material from this site for your own use and you must keep all copyright and other proprietary notices attached to the downloaded material.

The reproduction, duplication, distribution (including by way of e-mail, facsimile or other electronic means), publication, modification, copying or transmission of material from this site is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless you have obtained the prior written consent of Mental Discharge or unless it is expressly permitted by this site. The material covered by this prohibition includes, without limitation, any text, graphics, logos, photographs, audio or video material or stills from audiovisual material available on this site. The use of materials from this site on any other Web site or networked computer environment is similarly prohibited. Requests for permission to reproduce or distribute materials found on this site can be made by contacting Mental Discharge.

You are also strictly prohibited from creating works or materials that derive from or are based on the materials contained in this site including, without limitation, fonts, icons, link buttons, wallpaper, desktop themes and unlicensed merchandise. This prohibition applies regardless of whether the derivative materials are sold, bartered, or given away.

Mental Discharge is typically willing to share some of its material for publication on other Internet venues if you ask for permission and source Mental Discharge with a functioning link back to this site to properly credit our authoring of such material. However, you must contact us and request permission for use of our material and receive an official response from us with such express permission.

Comments & Discussions

You are welcome to post, transmit, or submit messages (which include uploading files, inputting data, or any other materials or engaging in any form of communication in connection with this site) (collectively "Messages") as comments on articles or as profile information through this site (collectively "Site"). However, Mental Discharge accepts no responsibility whatsoever in connection with or arising from such Messages.

Mental Discharge does not endorse and has no control over the content of Messages submitted by others to the Site. Messages submitted on the Site are not necessarily reviewed by Mental Discharge prior to posting and do not reflect the opinions or policies of Mental Discharge. Mental Discharge makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the content of the Messages on the Site or the accuracy and reliability of any Messages and other materials on the Site. Nonetheless, Mental Discharge reserves the right to prevent you from submitting Materials to the Site and to edit, restrict, or remove such Messages for any reason at any time.

Mental Discharge assumes no responsibility for actively monitoring the Site for inappropriate Messages. If at any time Mental Discharge chooses, in its sole discretion, to monitor the Site, Mental Discharge nonetheless assumes no responsibility for the content of the Messages, no obligation to modify or remove any inappropriate Messages, and no responsibility for the conduct of the user submitting any Message. In submitting Messages to the Site, you agree to strictly limit yourself to discussions about the subject matter for which the Site are intended. You agree that Mental Discharge accepts no liability whatsoever if it determines to prevent your Messages from being submitted or if it edits, restricts or removes your Messages. You also agree to permit any other user of this Site to access, view, or reproduce the material for that other user's personal use and not to restrict or inhibit the use of the Site by any other person.

You agree that you will not post Messages on the Site that:

  • constitutes (or encourages conduct that would constitute) a criminal offense, gives rise to civil liability or otherwise violates any local, state, national or international law;

  • violate the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of any other person. By posting Messages on the Site, you represent to Mental Discharge that you are the rightful owner of such material or that you have first obtained permission to submit the material from the rightful owner;

  • improperly assume or claim the identity, characteristics, or qualifications of another person;

  • are for purposes of spamming;

  • contain any virus or other harmful component;

  • are for commercial purposes or contain advertising or are intended to solicit a person to buy or sell services or to make donations.

You agree that any Message whatsoever submitted by you becomes the property of Mental Discharge and may be used, copied, sublicensed, adapted, transmitted, distributed, publicly performed, published, displayed or deleted as Mental Discharge sees fit.

You agree to release Mental Discharge and any affiliates together with their respective employees, agents, officers, directors and shareholders, from any and all liability and obligations whatsoever in connection with or arising from your use of the Site. If at any time you are not happy with the Site or object to any material within the Site, you are once again invited to not use them.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Mental Discharge and any affiliates together with their respective employees, agents, directors, officers and shareholders, from and against all the liabilities, claims, damages, and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees and costs) arising out of your use of this site; your failure to use the site; your breach or alleged breach of this Agreement or your breach or alleged breach of the copyright, trademark, proprietary, or other rights of third parties.


Mental Discharge reserves the right to immediately terminate your use of, or access to, this site at any time if Mental Discharge decides at its sole discretion that you have breached this Agreement or any relevant law, rule, or regulation or you have engaged in conduct that Mental Discharge considers to be inappropriate or unacceptable.

Privacy Policy

Mental Discharge values your privacy. We treat your personal information with the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

Mental Discharge does not collect any personal information without your knowledge. We don't sell, rent, or give your personal information to unrelated third parties without your prior permission. Likewise, any personal information you willingly provide to Mental Discharge, such as information stored in your member profile, is made public at your own discretion. You do not have to fill out a membership profile to enjoy the benefits of a Mental Discharge membership account.

Cookies are only required to access membership features of Mental Discharge, but do not contain any personal information about you, nor track your activity outside of Mental Discharge. Cookies are not required to use any general site feature, such as viewing an article or contacting the staff. In retrospect, cookies aren't needed if you wish to simply browse the site, but are required if you wish to become a member.

Each time a visitor comes to Mental Discharge, information is collected to help us improve the overall experience of our site. This information allows us to determine which areas of the site rock, suck, who likes what, and God-forbid why. We collect visitor domain names or IP addresses (e.g., whether the user is logged on from,, or, referral data (e.g., we record the address of the last URL a user visited prior to clicking through to Mental Discharge), and browser/platform types (e.g., a Firefox browser on a super-expensive Mac you run Windows on because you like throwing money away).

Likewise, Mental Discharge also counts, tracks, and aggregates visitor activity into our analysis of general traffic flow (e.g., tracking where traffic comes from and how traffic flows within the site). Mental Discharge may merge this information into group data, which may then be shared on an aggregated basis with potential advertisers, research firms, and business partners. However, Mental Discharge will never disclose your individual identity or personal data. If Mental Discharge presents any aggregated information to potential advertisers, research firms, and business partners, no one will be able to identify you or contact you.

Mental Discharge never shares, sells, or rents any personal information without your permission, unless ordered by a court of law. Information submitted to us is only available to employees managing this information for purposes of contacting you or sending you e-mails based on your request for information.

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