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What is Mental Discharge?

Mental Discharge is a creative entertainment Web site. We are dedicated to exploring, mocking, and very much enjoying the diversity and ridiculousness of popular culture. You may find it extremely funny, horribly derogatory, or incredibly stupid. Nonetheless, if you have a sense of humor and an open mind, we invite you to hop onboard this magic carpet ride.

The information in front of you is presented in English in the form of letters, written representations of sounds made during human speech. Each letter is presented alongside other letters to form "words," printing that symbolizes ideas and meanings. These words are, in turn, strung out from left to right to form "sentences," each containing a subject and a predicate. When you see the little "." symbol, that means a sentence has stopped and a new one shall begin. For more information on how to read, please visit your local library. It's the really tall building with the empty parking lot.

Mental Discharge V: The Return is the next chapter in the Mental Discharge saga. Featuring a new design, fresh user interface, and a custom community-based atmosphere, Mental Discharge V is designed to improve upon the lackluster elements of the previous Web site, despite its once flourishing popularity and prestige, and continue the epic story of Steve's quest to maintain a Web site actively for more than a month.

I find your Web site to be offensive.

I find your face offensive, so get it away from me.

Can I work for you and become your slave, master?

If you have a desire to contribute to our insanity and write proper English, give this a read and drop us a line.

I found [such and such] funny. Can I use it on my site?

One of the unique aspects of Mental Discharge is the original content we provide, including article graphic work, fake product boxes, objects, 3D rendered material, etc. Anything related to our Web site design is off limits. However, if you contact us and ask if you can use a certain image, so long as you don't alter it and give us full credit for it, we'll probably say yes. But that means you contact us first, numbnuts!