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Together, we’ll rule the universe as father and illegitimate son.

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What skills do I need to write for MD?

You must have damn near excellent English and grammar skills.

You don't need to be an English major, but you do need to know how to spell simple three and four letter words, properly use grammar, punctuate, and understand the difference between "loose" and "lose."

If you wish to design your article with nifty graphics, special effects, and other snazzy things, it'll help to bone up on your web development skills, specifically HTML5 and CSS3. If you aren't quite keen on either of those, we're more than happy to assist.

How often must I contribute to MD?

You must contribute at least one piece per month.

Content is king. Provide a regular flow of updates to our site and earn respect, fame, and fortune in the knowledge you made people laugh.

What do I get in return for contributing to MD?

You will be credited for your work and fans can contact you directly regarding it without exposing your personal information or e-mail address. Should your work receive or generate tons o' traffic resulting in profitable income, we'll be happy to fork some of it over to you.

The headline says "son." What if I'm totally a chick?

Chicks are welcome to apply, too. As are women and ladies.

Awesome. How do I apply?

To submit an application, send an e-mail to Write a generalized synopsis of your writing skills, ideas, and how you can contribute to Mental Discharge. Tell us more about you, your background in writing, and send us an article worthy of being published. Keep in mind that writing for Mental Discharge requires a steady commitment. Our goal is to keep the site fresh and updated as much as possible, so if you plan on only sending us an article or two, don't expect a permanent position here.

Mental Discharge respects your privacy. Your application will not be shared with any third-parties and your e-mail address won't go beyond our head honcho.