Drive-By Road Rage Signs

Road rage is a precarious venture when drivers pull over and engage in violent exchanges involving lead pipes and guns. Drive-By Road Rage Signs takes the violent element out of a curb side brawl while making your displeasure more understandable than a middle finger. Simply flash a sign appropriate to the occasion to a neighboring driver to let them know that their traffic infraction is not only a disrespect to you, but other drivers among you. Similar products cost up to $19.95, but Mental Discharge is proud to provide these quality signs free of charge.

Help the offending driver take the guess work out of your vehicular discontentment while making your point clear without the need for brandishing an unregistered firearm. Each sign has been crafted with quality in mind, presented in 300dpi.

Select a desired sign.
Select the sign you want by clicking its corresponding image with your mouse. This act is performed by engaging impulses from your brain to your arm via the nervous system.
Print your desired sign.
Print your selected sign from your printer using your favorite graphics or printing software. Use a thicker posterboard-like paper for best results.
Present your desired sign.
Find a dipshit on the road to show your sign to. Just be sure not to be screwing up traffic yourself while holding a sign outside your car window.
Perfect for the asshole not on the go. Flash this sign at drivers too busy inside their own head to keep their eyes on traffic, lights, or pedestrians.
Handy for helping a driver who isn't generous enough to share their travel itinerary with you, but will generously help themselves to your lane.
Help remind the cretin who's limited attention span has caused them to forget to turn off the turn signal they just turned on seconds ago.
Designed specifically for the woman piloting a weaving minivan, SUV, or PT Cruiser while travelling at 20mph on a 45mph street.
Whether you're a NASCAR fan or simply wish to arrive at your destination before social security kicks in, use this sign to get things moving.
The sign that speaks for you and all who must pass an excruciatingly loud piece of shit riceburner that can barely make it up a hill.
Express curiousity as to how one has a license with driving skills inferior to that of an infant circumnavigating furniture in a Power Wheels.
Helpful for assisting problematic drivers who can't seem to stay in between the lines, playing Pac-Man on the street.
Designed for the cretin who's blocking a lane of traffic, but hasn't bothered engaging their hazard lights, indicating their Hummer hit a curb and is disabled.
Made for the inconsiderate dickhead who has all the time in the world and wants to share it with every other driver in the universe.
Designed for the imbecile who thinks nobody is going to notice them digging their brains out behind the transparent windows surrounding them.
For the moron who throws butts out the window to keep the car interior clean, even though it smells like shit and they have ashes all over their lap.

Disclaimer: Mental Discharge is not liable for any consequences that come your way as a result of using these signs. If you crash because you can't hold up a sign and drive at the same time or some gun-toting hip gangster wanna-be blows you away, it's not our fault.

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TheMusiKid7 years ago
  • 0
I lol'd.
TaraBURGER7 years ago
  • 0
I laminated all of these and stored them right next to my driver's seat.
Tod559 years ago
  • 0
Oh you are so rude, we wouldn't have anything like this in Britain, we would just kill them and put their heads on our walls.
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