Parking Lesson Leaflets

For those who have experienced the inconvenience and tiresome throes of hideous parking, there are many options to remedy the situation, such as patiently waiting for the driver to return for a friendly discussion, fake tickets that provisionally encourage complacency, or bumper stickers that inform the rest of the public of the driver's parking violation. Unfortunately, none of these provide an actual resolution: teaching the driver the error of their ways. Mental Discharge's Parking Lesson Leaflets not only clarify the issue, but provide a resolution with clear, concise instructions.

To view a leaflet in greater detail, simply move your mouse over its thumbnail. Each downloadable leaflet is presented in crisp, 300dpi print quality.

Select a desired leaflet.
Select the leaflet you want by clicking its corresponding image with your mouse. This act is performed by engaging impulses from your brain to your arm via the nervous system.
Print your desired leaflet.
Print your leaflet from your printer using precious ink that cost more than the printer itself.
Leave your lesson.
Place the leaflet between the wiper and the windshield so the offending driver can appreciate the knowledge you just dropped on them.
Designed for drivers who didn't even come close to getting their vehicle between the two bright, thick lines.
Created for drivers who think you enter and exit your vehicle like the Dukes do the General Lee.
Crafted for driver who's amazing vehicle must make the ultimate sacrifice of a neighboring parking space.
Created for the driver who somehow managed to skip the parallel parking portion of the driver's license test.
Designed for the driver who just doesn't have the balls to crank that steering wheel all the way.
Made for the driver who needs to park as close to their destination as possible.
Designed for the driver who decided it was Opposite Day when choosing their parking spot.
Created for the driver who really thinks they can squeeze into that spot.
Made for the driver who's "only going to be a minute!"
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50smom5 years ago
  • 0
am I doing something wrong I click to download and it won't let me print. I can open and see it but nothing else.
russell847 years ago
  • 1
How about the douche bags that take the spot you were clearly waiting for first? I was in the right lane waiting for the light to turn green so i could parallel park in the spot on the next block. as soon as the light changed, the prick in the left lane slammed on the gas, and jumped across the intersection to grab the spot. i had to park 5 blocks away, when the restaurant i was going to was across the street from the original spot. i wanted to key his truck, but there were guards outside the building he parked in front of.
mattrup7 years ago
  • 0
these are great. but, where are the ones for idiots who insist in parking in the spaces reserved for the handicapped?
TaraBURGER7 years ago
  • 0
I printed out ten of each. I live in a big city with lots of parallel parking and dumbshits. I'm going to have fun tomorrow.
politics7 years ago
  • -1
My site sucks, but I love this one!
Cherice8 years ago
  • 1
i think i like these better than the road rage signs. or at least equal to. greatness.
Oz8 years ago
  • 0
I just planted one of these but am fairly sure the guy saw me. So, if I disappear in the next couple of days...the guy who owns the blue Rav4 did it. AVENGE ME!
Blank8 years ago
  • 1
I actually printed some of these out and left them on a few cars. Why? Because I have huge balls and you all are just pussies.
parttart848 years ago
  • 0
i would love to spend a whole day handing these out.
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