Kawk Rings by Tad

Hello, everbody! Thaddius Trickler here for Kawk Rings by Tad! When my grandfather built the first military-grade, high-impact steel rooster ring from the old auto factory in Hazard, Kentucky and was able to perform the Sandusky Steamroller on his first wife in less than fifteen minutes, he knew he was onto something special.

During the Second World War, he moved to Brymer, Texas where he could produce larger quantities of his iron-gripping rooster wear for soldiers to enjoy so they could come home to their ladies a give them a taste of their own personal warfare. After the war was over, Kawk Rings by Tad was only available to the adult entertainment industry throughout the 60's and 70's to help produce fuller, richer, longer scenes. Swingers loved them, Viagra was invented because of them, and Ron Jeremy couldn't have had a career without them.

Now available to the public, Kawk Rings by Tad has become the most popular and best-selling rooster ring brand in the world. Built with a combination of tungsten steel and impenetrable hard rubber, the quality, performance, and longevity of our rooster rings can't be beat!

Check out our newest line of Kawk Rings by Tad! Move your mouse over to see each rooster ring in greater detail.

The "Blow Me"
The "French Kiss"
The "Mane Event"
The "She Likes It Ruff"
The "Duck Strangler"
The "Fisticuffs"
The "Plan B"
The "pr0n Legacy"
The "You're Coming With Me"
The "Tromboner"
The "Friendship"
The "Shake Weight"
The "One Ring to Rule Them All"
The "Joseph Smith"
The "Tour de France"
The "Activate! Form Of..."
The "Plunge-Her"
The "Decimator"
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Dieselweasel7 years ago
  • 0
I was born with something that resembles "the mane event".... Do they have a ring that can shave it off, safely (if possible)?
shiranui7 years ago
  • 1
I don't know if I'm hungry or horny.
Invictus7 years ago
  • 1
There's a ring for every occasion.
This is Fucking Great!
Blank7 years ago
  • 1
If I use The Duck Strangler, does that mean I can get 5 other guys to join me?
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