Kawk Rings by Tad 2

Hello, everbody! Thaddius Trickler here for Kawk Rings by Tad! With the huge, throbbing success of our first public release of accessories for your Nether Rooster, our product engineers have painstakingly crafted a whole new series in our elongated line of famous jewelry for your jewels.

Whether you're looking to improve your stamina or just look cool while doing the Helicopter, Kawk Rings by Tad has all the accessories you need for virtually any encounter. Our rings are designed with class and durability in mind. Sure, you can spend your money with those bush-leaguers over at Adam & Eve® and wrap your mushroom cap like an engine cylinder, but you aren't going to find a ring with more girth and mirth than a Tungsten-forged Kawk Ring by Tad. You'll be thanking us before you've pulled it out of the box and popped it on your pecker!

The Pig in a BlanketThe "Pig in a Blanket"
The Point and ShootThe "Point and Shoot"
The Iceman CummethThe "Iceman Cummeth"
The Big Bang TheoryThe "Big Bang Theory"
The No BitingThe "No Biting"
The Hurt Meat LockerThe "Hurt Meat Locker"
The Get LeidThe "Get Leid"
The Hebrew HammerThe "Hebrew Hammer"
The Dick ArmyThe "Dick Army"
The Box OfficeThe "Box Office"
The Touch to GrowThe "Touch to Grow"
The Cum HangoutThe "Cum Hangout"
The Bullseye CreampieThe "Bullseye Creampie"
The Brightest Day, Blackest NightThe "Brightest Day, Blackest Night"
The Well HungThe "Well Hung"
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