Men of Other Integrities

Men of integrity are men who are wholesome, absolute, and consistent. They are strong men, men of respect, and men of principle. They are men who command through example. But they don't speak with words. They make you read them. Men of integrity express themselves through adhesive labels affixed to the ass end of their cars. Thanks to organizations such as Promise Keepers, it has been possible for men of integrity to communicate their spousal commitment.

The torch has been passed to Mental Discharge to create the next generation of men of integrity through adhesive labels for men of other integrities. You can enjoy the exact same self-appreciation for mediocrity, but you don't have to be married to enjoy it.

I love my wife.I don't rape people.I close the bathroom door when I take a shit.My stupid kids aren't allowed to run around Red Robin™ while we're eating.I moved out of my parents' house when I was 18.I shower daily.I chew food with my mouth closed.I wear condoms when I fuck strangers.I aborted my unwanted pregnancy.I wave my farts to increase potency!When my dog barks a lot, I smack the shit out of it.I learned to drive stick before buying this vehicle!
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Blank7 years ago
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"I learned to drive stick before buying this vehicle!" is unfortunately an unpopular concept here in Colorado.
DW688 years ago
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Thinking like Dr LCB: Early morning shift at the restauraunt, dating a waitress- she says "You gotta love a man who'll eat pussy before he's had a cup of coffee".
Dr LCB8 years ago
  • 0
Great list - I'm sure we can expand it indefinitely..

How about "I wash may hands after I shit"

or "I eat pussy before I fuck it!"

and my last contribution to the thread - "I pay for software".

DW688 years ago
  • 0
Two that I saw, that I wish I could submit pictures for are: "I love pussy", and "The mustache rides again". Then there was the old rusted, corrugated tin shack I saw while camping in Colorado, that simply had "Hair pie" painted on it long ago:)
Cherice8 years ago
  • 1
amazing! i can't pick a favorite hmm. what's at the bottom of i heart my wife. promise keepers?
UndeadCircus8 years ago
  • 0
Where can I buy these NIGGAS!?
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