Poor Service Restaurant Tip Cards

Leaving a cash tip is a concept unquestioned by those who receive the utmost excellence in service at dining venues. However, many frown upon stiffing those who deliver poor service since tips make up the majority of their income. Likewise, poor service may not necessarily be the fault of the server, but other elements within the establishment, such as an understaffed kitchen, stoned busboys, or a coked-up manager.

To deal with this troubling and often taboo scenario, Mental Discharge offers "Poor Service Restaurant Tip Cards." Instead of dealing with the uncomfortable notion of punishing the server for poor service, you're giving them something more valuable than money: knowledge. These cards offer helpful tips that will allow the server to learn from their mistakes and try harder next time. You'll feel better about keeping your gratuity for those who deserve it and take comfort in knowing you've given valuable assistance to those who need to improve their lackluster performance. Don't leave cash. Simply leave one of these "tips" instead.

As you've come to expect from Mental Discharge, each card is painstakingly crafted with quality in mind. Each card is presented with crisp detail at 300dpi and measured in business card size.

Select a desired card.
Select the card you want by clicking its corresponding image with your mouse. This act is performed by engaging impulses from your brain to your arm via the nervous system.
Print your desired card.
Print your card from your printer using your favorite graphics or printing software. Use a thicker posterboard-like paper for best results or business card paper to print the entire set.
Leave your "tip."
After you've paid the bill and you're ready to blow the joint, leave your tip on the check.
Designed for the server who can't keep their own invagination of the epidermis on their dermis and off your food.
Created for the server who constantly reminds you that their increasingly numerous errors are a result of their "training."
Use this card on servers who are too good to write down your order, but not too good at actually remembering what it was.
Crafted for the server who feels it's okay to serve those seated at a table still populated by the scattered remains of another party's meal.
Made for the server who is spending more time texting her BFF than tending to your beverages.
Designed for the server who ignorantly brings out your appetizer and main course at the same time.
Designed for the server who has a bad attitude and has generously offered it to you as part of your meal.
Created for the server who has everything wonderful to say about the Rocky Mountain Oysters, yet has not sampled them for herself.
Made for servers who are paying too much attention to your juggs instead of bringing one with your drink.
Designed for the server who delivers you enough menus to compete with a phone book.
Created for the establishment that feels the need to blast Blake Shelton because they serve various types of cattle they didn't raise.
Designed for the dipshit who wants to meet you after he gets off his shift so you can work his shaft.
Made for the server who can't seem to manipulate their hands in a fashion that prevents them from spilling beverages and food on you.
Designed for the establishment that enjoys informing everyone about a birthday through uncreative songs and annoyingly loud clapping.
Created for the establishment that has no regard for the presentation and cleanliness outside the door.
Crafted for the establishment with restrooms that should only be occupied by Hazmat teams.
Created for the server who seems to think it's okay to grab a seat next to you and take your order.
Designed for the server who has ruined your entire evening by getting each and every aspect of their job completely and utterly wrong.
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TheMusiKid7 years ago
  • 0
I will be printing these out tonight.
Blank7 years ago
  • 1
I love #374. I absolutely hate it when the server takes a seat next to you.
Invictus9 years ago
  • 1
Steven, You've done it again...

I already made myself a copy of every single one with the hopes of using one tonight... I'll let you know how that goes
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